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Global Citizen is getting a new look!

It’s a new year and it’s time for a new look. is getting an upgrade to make your experience even better.

Starting on January 23rd, you will see a new visual on your platform to end extreme poverty.

The new design will take effect at first on the Homepage and on article pages.

There are a few key changes that impact this new design. The new layout removes some of our less popular elements (responding to our community was a central part of this redesign), and allows for a much more prominent role for our Issues. On the Homepage, this change will make it easier for you to find and follow the issues you care most about.

On the article pages the major changes include streamlining the page and making it easier for you to take action, since that is the goal of Global Citizen.

Each article will have a related action appear next to the text so that you can immediately have an impact on the world around you.

Last but not least, if you look closely below, both the Homepage and the new article layout include one of our newest features: A newsletter. You can sign up to be one of the first adopters of this newsletter that will be launching in the next few months, bringing you news and opportunities to take action.

And this is just the beginning of an action filled year at Global Citizen. Stay tuned for more updates on how we'll be helping you shape the world around you and end extreme poverty. In the meantime: Enjoy the new look!

Sneak peek of the Homepage:

global-citizen-is-getting-a-new-look-BODY 01-Homepage.jpg

Sneak peek of the Article pages:

global-citizen-is-getting-a-new-look-BODY 02- Article.jpg