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Global Citizen Festival Action Journey 2: Your next chance to win FREE tickets

It’s once again time to take action to end extreme poverty!

Today, Global Citizen is opening “Action Journey 2,” the second set of powerful actions you can take to end extreme poverty. As an added bonus, this is your second chance to enter the ticket draw for FREE TICKETS to the 2015 Global Citizen Festival on September 26th in New York City’s Central Park.

If you are unclear on how to do this, see the video above.

Another action journey opening up means that today is also the day that the first ticket winners are announced. So it’s good news all around!

If you haven’t won tickets, the new action journey allows you to enter the ticket draw again and increase your chances of winning at the next draw on August 13th. Or if you have won tickets, Action Journey 2 gives you an opportunity to enter to win MORE tickets. Yes, you can win MORE tickets and bring ALL of your friends.

If you haven’t entered yet…well then what are you waiting for? Get to the 2015 Global Citizen Festival page and start taking action. If improving the world and ending extreme poverty isn’t quite enough motivation let me remind you who will be at this festival: Pearl Jam, Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran and Coldplay. And that is just the announced lineup. I know for a fact that more announcements are coming, and you want to be set with your tickets for the Global Citizen Festival when that happens.

Now that you’re suitably excited (again), I want to take a look back at what Action Journey 1 generated:

More than 30,000 global citizens took part in action journey 1. These global citizens:

●  Sent 40,000 emails

●  Made 34,000 phone calls

●  Added 150,000 signatures to petitions

●  Sent 130,000 tweets 

And that is just the beginning. A NOTE TO ALL: ACTION JOURNEY 1 IS STILL OPEN! If you have not taken the great actions discussed above, or the rest of the journey, then get in there! The world needs your voice to bring about the change humanity needs.


Or if you want to go with the shiny and new Action Journey 2, that's fine, too.

This journey has some powerful opportunities to create change in the world, including:

●  Asking world leaders to prioritize ending polio for good. Seriously, the world is almost there. Your support could create a milestone for all of humanity—the end of a global epidemic.

 ●  Get the G7 to put their money (and actions) where their mouths are and feed the 500 million people they promised to lift out of hunger.

●  End open defecation, because 1 billion people being forced to poop in the open is no laughing matter when it is literally sickening entire communities. (Side note, there is a really cute video involved in this one…it’s definitely worth the watch.)

●  Get Sweden to take a lead on getting more people access to clean water and hygiene. Strong, independent people can only thrive if they are able to stay healthy, and clean water is crucial to that.

●  Get Iceland and Uruguay, two nations that have great domestic records of empowering women, to take their game global and fight for gender equality everywhere.

●  Get the US Congress to reform how it delivers food aid. Literally millions and millions of people could be fed if the US made some procedural changes to how it delivers food aid.

●  Get Norway to put more money into global education. Education is THE key to ending extreme poverty, and nations like Norway have the resources and global standing to help push everyone forward into fully educated lives.

●  Get the US Congress to improve global food security through the Global Food Security Act that will feed millions of children, ensuring a healthy and prosperous life for millions of the next generation of global citizens.

So what are you waiting for? Go TAKE ACTION JOURNEY 2!