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Global Citizens take action to make gender equality a G20 priority

Flickr- Albert González Farran - UNAMID

In 2015, global citizens took over 330,000 actions in support of girls and women in 2015, including 82,048 petition signatures calling on the G20 to put economic empowerment for girls and women at the top of the G20 summit agenda.

Responding to the Global Citizen petition and other efforts, Global Citizen Festival Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu, recognized his role as Chair of the G20 summit to be held in Antalya, Turkey in November 2015, and agreed to utilize his role to advocate for, and make the G7 a platform for gender equality. PM Davutoğlu addressed the crowd saying, “I am calling on all G20 leaders to prioritize the needs of women in the workforce and society for a more peaceful, inclusive world” and committed to encourage world leaders to deliver on reducing the workforce gender gap by 25% over 10 years.

Not simply encouraging leaders to act, Turkey has also led the establishment of a new G20 engagement group, the Women-20, which will specifically focus on improving gender empowerment. Prime Minister Davutoğlu has also committed to monitor and report on the progress they are making to create better lives for girls and women. If Turkey achieves its goal, 100 million more women will get access to fair and equal work around the world.