Artist and transgender advocate, Samson Brown is sharing an intimate on-camera moment with the world. In a new Gillette short film, Brown’s dad helps him shave his face for the first time.

First Shave has over a million views in just over a week after premiering at the 2019 Inside Out LGBT Film Festival in Toronto on May 25. The video is part of Gillette’s initiative to promote inclusivity and empower people to be their true selves, by redefining what it looks like for men to be their best.

In the first shot, Brown, who is transgender, opens up about his path toward self-discovery. As he picks up a razor, his father assures him, “Now don’t be scared, don’t be scared. Shaving is about being confident.” 

Brown shared that his father always pushed him to excel at whatever he pursued, in a statement released by Gillette.

“My dad’s encouragement came from a place of love and gave me the confidence to express my true authentic self,” he said.

Using the hashtag campaign #MyBestSelf, Gillette is also partnering with Toronto-based charity and government agency the 519, to support its trans-inclusive programs. The company has worked with the organization since last November, providing volunteer support and product samples to support the city’s trans community. The 519 will continue to work with Gillette to provide ongoing resources and assistance to residents across the gender spectrum to empower them to freely express themselves and succeed.

“Trans communities remain one of the most underserved and underrepresented communities, and meaningful partnerships like these not only provide critical resources but also offer opportunities for dialogue, and meaningful representation,” Stacy Kelly, director philanthropy at the 519, said in a statement. 

Gillette is dedicated to using its platform to showcase men’s real, diverse, inclusive stories, according to North America brand director Pankaj Bhalla.

In January, the brand launched an ad that challenged men to confront toxic masculinity. Bhalla said that the company supports everyone on their personal journeys toward reaching their full potential, no matter where they are along the way. 

“Samson’s story in First Shave is a perfect example of that commitment because whenever, wherever, however it happens, your first shave is special,” Bhalla said.


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A Father Teaches His Transgender Son How to Shave in This Powerful Gillette Ad