Going to the 2015 Global Citizen Festival? Want to make your ticket a VIP ticket? Or pick up some cool merchandise or even meet one of the headliners?

Here is how you do that: Show up early. I know. Difficult right? Wait… that’s not that hard. Get there between 12 and 2pm and you will have a chance to win one of the following:

  • ●  The ultimate VIP backstage experience
  • ●  A ticket upgrade to the VIP audience section (We'll be handing out least 60 of these!)
  • ●  Lots of meet and greets with Beyoncé, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Hugh Jackman or Stephen Colbert (We'll be handing out at least 50 of these!)
  • ●  Buckets of merchandise from the Festival

There are plenty of prizes to go around, so don't worry about limited numbers turning this into a hard-won competition. Staff members will be roaming the grounds and handing out rewards to many, many people. 

Also keep in mind that added security due to the awesome announcement of US Vice President Joe Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama could delay you a bit and your space in General Admission is first come first serve. There are awesome reasons for you to get to the concert early, but there will also be stuff to do on the Great Lawn, including great videos from the stage and onsite activities. And here is one more big reason to get a prime spot:

COLDPLAY PLAYS AT 4pm. That’s right, Coldplay is going on stage at the very start of the 2015 Global Citizen Festival. No waiting, no delays, just great music to get the day of activism started.

So to review: Get to the 2015 Global Citizen Festival Early and you won’t regret it. Be late, and miss out on these great opportunities.

I look forward to seeing you at the Festival before 3pm!


Demand Equity

Get to the 2015 Global Citizen Festival early and this is what you can win

By Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer