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Food & Hunger

Four friends fight to live on $1 a day for 56 days @LivingonOne

How do 1.1 billion people around the world live on less than one dollar a day? Four young friends set out to research and live this reality. Armed with only a video camera and a desire to understand, they spend just 56 dollars each for 56 days in rural Pena Blanca, Guatemala.

They battle hunger, parasites and the realization that there are no easy answers. Yet, the generosity and strength of Rosa, a 20 year old woman, and Chino, a 12 year old boy gives them resilient hope that there are effective ways to make a difference. They return home transformed and embark on a mission to share their new found understanding through film screenings and raise money to change lives through microfinance

Click the image below to watch the full film (Also available on iTunes)

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