In Formula 1, meeting ambitious goals is a standard operation. The proof is in the pit lane.

The pit lane is where remarkable racing machines emerge before they are propelled to incredible speeds. It's where the modern pit crew changes four tires in less than two seconds. And it's where Formula 1 as a collective has embraced critical social issues with its WeRaceAsOne initiative. The WeRaceAsOne platform, launched in June 2020, is focused on sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and community.

Now, Global Citizen and Formula 1 are partnering to tackle these formidable challenges worldwide, teaming up with a three-pillar approach to protect the planet, deliver equity for all through systemic change, and ensure more young people can access education following the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are very excited to be partnering with the incredible team at Global Citizen, whose passion and delivery of lasting positive change is perfectly aligned with how we’re focused at Formula 1 to increase our positive impact on society, the environment, and our sport," said Stefano Domenicali, Formula 1 president and CEO.

The actions ahead for Formula 1 are clear. According to the Paris climate agreement, worldwide carbon emissions must be reduced by 7.6% annually over the next 10 years. F1 plans to do its part through new regulations, implementing 100 % sustainably-fueled hybrid engines by 2025 and making a bold commitment to becoming net-zero carbon as a whole by 2030. Formula 1 is also working to ensure all its events are sustainable by 2025.

That includes the use of sustainable materials at all events with single-use plastics being eliminated and all waste reused, recycled or composted. Additionally, F1 will make it easier for fans to reach the race events in a greener way and engage businesses and communities in each race market to leave a positive impact.

"While our commitment to tackling issues of sustainability and diversity in our sport are important, it is our actions that we will be judged on,” Domenicali said. “And this long-term partnership shows our commitment to deliver on our plans."

The WeRaceAsOne platform is leading the commitment made by Formula 1 to equity and delivering just outcomes for all people, including providing opportunities in the sport for underrepresented groups. Formula 1 plans to fund scholarships for engineering students and to elevate the status of the all-female racing championship W Series.

And as the world continues to fight COVID-19, Global Citizen and Formula 1 are particularly focused on ending the pandemic for all and kickstarting a global recovery. With more than 1.5 billion children worldwide affected by school closures over the last year, a focus on global education investment is more crucial than ever before. As partners, F1 and Global Citizen will work to expand the existing F1 in Schools program, which aims to create better access to opportunity for students around the world.

These ambitious commitments reflect the solidarity needed internationally — and at every level of society — to achieve real progress.

“Global Citizen is excited to partner with Formula 1 to inspire long-lasting change,” said Hugh Evans, Global Citizen’s co-founder and CEO. “Global Citizen’s Recovery Plan for the World policy agenda focuses on collaborating with businesses like Formula 1, governments, philanthropists, athletes, and entertainers to kickstart a global recovery. As part of the WeRaceAsOne effort, we aim to have a positive impact on the world through sport.”

You can learn more about the partnership here.


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