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Finalist: Seema Mathur

My project, Camp 72, tells the story of Gladys Arthur whose resilience and spirit are sure to inspire. Her story also begs for justice and the need to end war crimes - primarily "rape as a weapon". During Liberia's 14 year Civil War, Gladys was forced to watch the brutal murder of her mother by a NPFL Rebel. The same fighter held her as a sex slave for years. The nightmare started at an area Gladys refers to as Camp 72. Almost a decade later, Gladys like many survivors of the war is trying to rebuild her life. The rebel who raped Gladys and killed her mother lives in freedom just a few miles away from her as no one in Liberia has been prosecuted for their war crimes. When asking the question of justice and moving forward, we hear from survivors, warlords, grassroots activists, the Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and four Nobel Peace Prize winners (Jody Williams-USA, Leymah Gbowee-Liberia, Mairead Maguire-Ireland, and Shirin Ebadi-Iran) who met in Liberia in January of 2013 as part of their ongoing effort to combat rape as a weapon of war and during peace.

I am now raising post-production funds to complete my documentary. Your vote can help me share powerful stories of survival and instigate a dialogue in search for solutions which will make the type of atrocities Gladys and others endured unacceptable. A goal for this documentary is to impact the very struggles we are shedding light on by donating 72% of Net Income to survivors of war through microfinance loans, educational resources, and healthcare programs. Thank you for your vote!



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