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Food & Hunger

Feeding Syria's children is now just a tap away

The war in Syria has raged for more than 4 years. Around 9 million Syrians have been pushed from their homes, 3 million of whom are now refugees abroad. The rest have been scattered to other parts of Syria. 

A huge percentage of these victims are children whose lives are irreperably altered. 

UNICEF estimates that 7.5 million Syrian children are in need of humanitarian aid. The majority need food and water. 

After learning of such calamity, many people around the world want to help, but often do not know how or if their money would make a tangible impact. 

Now, the UN is making it easier with a new smartphone app for iOS and Android called ShareTheMeal.

ShareTheMeal gets straight to the point: USD 50 cents can feed 1 child for 1 day. Users can choose to donate $.50 (1 day), $3.50 (1 week), $15.00 (1 month), $45.00 (3 months), $90.00 (6 months) and $182.50 (1 year).

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This program is great, because it simplifies the complex process of aid. Colleagues on Global Citizen have often mocked the "dollar a day saves a child's life" form of fundraising in the past, and I agree. That is a bad way to fundraise. But this program is different. The technology gives a sense of directness and clarity to the project and the sheer urgency of the situation in Syria makes this kind of giving something that can't wait. Plus, the World Food Programme is already on the frontlines of humanitarian aid in Syria, so there's little doubt that the money will get to its intended target. 

The app also shows who the aid is affecting and how it is working.  

So far, more than 1.95 million meals have been shared. 

You can download the app for iOS here and Android here