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Everyone THUNDERCLAP for the Global Goals

Rolling thunder. It’s powerful, it’s electric. The sound shakes buildings, filling people with a sense of distance and proximity, the full range of space. There is almost nothing like standing in a thunderstorm. It's raw power. It demands attention and is never forgotten.

It is this power that Citi and Global Citizen are ready to unleash on the world. All in support of the Global Goals.

In this age of the internet, Thunderclaps no longer happen just in storms, they also exist in social media. The platform Thunderclap has come up with a way to amplify a single message to every corner of the globe by combining activists’ social media reach and unleashing it in one thunderous moment.

You can be a part of this moment by signing up to the Thunderclap moment that will spread the following message to every corner of the planet:

“Support the #GlobalGoals and help end extreme poverty by 2030! #GlobalCitizen #CitiThankYou

Join Citi and Global Citizen to lend your voice to the movement for the Global Goals. This moment will go global during the 2015 Global Citizen Festival, to make sure the message is heard around the world.

To add your voice to the effort to make the Global Goals famous, go to