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Engage the Youth, Educate the World.

We are Restless Development. This is our Global Strategy 2011-2015.

Working directly with young people is the foundation for everything we do.

Too many young people do not have access to the services, education and support that they need. But young people can help fill these gaps. We professionally train and support young Volunteer Development Professionals to help spread knowledge, develop skills and address priority issues within their communities and countries. Through the direct delivery of these grassroots programmes we will provide structured, long-term interventions for 1,100,000 youth, improving their civic participation, livelihoods and sexual health.

In Action

In the Ugandan district of Karamoja, affected by decades of armed conflict, famine and extreme poverty, rural youth have proven their ability to lead peaceful development in their communities. Through an initial pilot programme, we professionally trained and supported 14 young Karimojong Volunteer Development Professionals who reached 3,365 young people, leading activities to engage their peers in conflict resolution and sexual reproductive health awareness, while establishing youth income-generating projects.

The results were hugely encouraging. We recorded:

  • a 45% increase in young males using condoms.
  • an 84% increase in young Karimojong reporting a greater capacity to respond to conflict.
  • a 36% increase in those reporting greater food security.

To find out more about what we do, please download our youth report: