In Egypt, a woman has been sentenced to three years in prison for “outraging public decency,” BBC reports

Her crime? 

Appearing on a talk show with a false baby bump and discussing ways to get pregnant outside of marriage. 

The woman, Doaa Salah, a talk show host for the Egyptian TV channel Al-Nahar TV, was also fined 10,000 Egyptian pounds ($566) and her show, “With Dody,” was taken off the air for three months, according to Jezebel.  

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Media authorities in Egypt reportedly said the show “promoted immoral ideas that are alien to our society and threaten the fabric of the Egyptian family.”

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On air, Salah discussed what women need to do to become a single mother in Egypt, a country with strict morality laws

She reportedly said a woman could make an agreement with a man to have children and then file for a divorce soon thereafter. 

“You simply need to have the money and then separate,” she said, according to reports

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The episode, entitled “Buy A Man,” referred to the case of Hadeer Makkawi, who became known as Egypt’s “first single mother” after she gave birth in January, months after divorcing her husband. 

Salah also mentioned the movie Bashtery Ragel, which portrays a woman who seeks to get pregnant by posting an ad on Facebook. 

In 2016, Egypt was ranked the fourth least-tolerant country in the world after Afghanistan, Sudan, and Yemen by the Legatum Prosperity Index. 

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That said, women have made strides in recent years. In 2016, 89 women served in Egypt’s parliament, good for about 14% female representation — the highest ever. 

As for Salah, she has the option to appeal her sentence in court. 


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This Egyptian Woman Talked About Pregnancy on TV. She Now Faces Prison

By Phineas Rueckert