Great news, Global Citizens! The House of Representatives just passed the Education for All Act!

The Education for All Act is a bill that will improve the United States' global education strategy by helping to ensure that all children have access to quality education.

Along with partners like RESULTS, Global Campaign for Education, World Vision, Basic Education Coalition, Jesuit Refugee Service, and United Nations Foundation — Global Citizen has been working in Congress to build momentum for this important legislation. Last week, the leadership of the House of Representatives scheduled the bill for a vote and — after brief debate — the House passed the Education for All Act!

What exactly will this bill do? The Education for All Act will help:

— Build strong and sustainable education systems in target countries to maximize the bang for our buck.

— Implement a U.S. strategy addressing real barriers preventing students from accessing a school and/or continuing their education.

— Ensure U.S. agencies talk with one another as well as with other key partners to strategically achieve the largest impact.

— Ensure quality education services for children who have been displaced.

— Improve transparency and accountability to ensure that our money is being spent wisely.

Seeing this crucial bill pass through the House of Representatives is a huge step forward for equal and quality education for all.

What are the next steps? 

Now that the House of Representatives has passed the Education for All Act, all eyes are turning to the Senate.

For the Education for All Act to become a law, it is critical that the United States Senate consider (and pass!) the bill. That is where Global Citizens come in. Sign the petition today calling on members of the Senate to support the Education for All Act!


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U.S. House of Representatives Just Voted to Provide Education for All!

By Judith Rowland  and  David Ambuel