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This Life Hack Telling Men How Not to Sexually Harass Women at Work Is Perfect

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

It’s the life-hack everybody is talking about.

If you’re a man, how can you avoid sexually harassing your female colleagues in the workplace?

Stay with us.

In the US, nearly a third of women have been sexually harassed in work, according to a 2017 YouGov poll. It’s even worse in the UK, as a TUC survey stated that over half have experienced harassment.

The problem, quite clearly, is the men often doing the harassing.

Writer Anne Victoria Clark has therefore devised the perfect tongue-in-cheek visualisation exercise, responding to a New York Times article that claimed men in Silicon Valley are becoming less likely to mentor females out of fear of sexual harassment scandals.

“It’s as clear cut as this,” Clark writes on Medium. “Treat all women like you would treat Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.”

And, incredibly, The Rock himself is also on board.

Are you finding that your mind wanders when you’re in a meeting with a female coworker, asks Clark? Just think of The Rock.

The practical solution can work in any professional situation, explains Clark, and she even provides some helpful examples for those who still don’t get that sexually harassing someone is easy to avoid.

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For example, if you’re out for coffee with a female colleague who just wants to network. “She looks like a person who is working very hard to achieve her goals,” writes Clark, describing what happens once you visualise The Rock. “But definitely don’t hit on her. It looks like she could kill you with the chair you’re sitting on.”

According to the YouGov poll, a quarter of people in the US have witnessed sexual harassment taking place. So perhaps this is an exercise worth sending to a friend?

It’s rock-solid advice — and the internet is seriously backing it.

“So there you go!” Clark concludes. “You’ve learned the quick and easy way to interact with women without behaving inappropriately. Simply offer them the same respect, admiration, and healthy dose of fear you’d offer anyone who could completely destroy you should you deserve it.”


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