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Food & Hunger

Do you accept the challenge?

What do a plate of poutine, two Starbucks lattes, and three Tim Horton’s breakfast sandwiches have in common? Beyond the fact that they are all delicious, they also cost more than the total amount that participants will be spending on five days worth of food and drink, during the upcoming Live Below the Line challenge. 
From April 27 – May 1, we invite you to join thousands from Canada, the US, and UK for a 5 day challenge to live at the equivalent of the extreme poverty line: $1.75 per day. By taking part, you’ll help raise awareness about the 1.2 billion people who live below the extreme poverty line every day, and raise funds for one of our amazing partner organizations, all of which are doing great work in the development sector.
Wondering if you’ll be able to get by on $1.75 per day? You can! And we’ve got you covered throughout the challenge with helpful tips to not only get you through, but to also make it an important and meaningful experience for everyone that takes part. The Canadian Live Below the Line team will keep in touch to help guide you on successful fundraising, maximizing your shopping budget, and cooking creatively on $1.75 (keep an eye out for recipes from celebrity chefs!).
As a Live Below the Line participant, you’ll find yourself starting and taking part in powerful conversations about extreme poverty. While the challenge does not, and cannot, recreate what it’s really like to live in extreme poverty every day, it is a significant way to show solidarity with those who do. By taking part, we guarantee you’ll get a deeper understanding of the lack of choice and opportunity that is such a huge part of living below the line. 
2015 is the third year that Live Below the Line is running in Canada, and it will be our best year yet. Last year, 718 participants raised $149,931, and with new charity partners signed on for 2015, Canada is on track to make Live Below the Line bigger than ever!
Pre-registration for this year’s challenge is open and we encourage everyone who is up for the challenge to register now. You’ll be the first to hear about Live Below the Line 2015 and how to get started with making your campaign a success. Remember, Live Below the Line is YOUR campaign. You choose which of our partner organizations you’d like to fundraise for, and we encourage you to share your personal reflections and experiences on your fundraising page, social media, and of course in conversations about why you are choosing to live below the line. 
Show your support for ending extreme poverty once and for all by joining us from April 27 – May 1. There are 1.2 billion reasons to join. Can we count you in? 
If you are a current student and would like to bring Live Below the Line to your school, or work at a company that may be interested in participating in the challenge, please contact Allie Kehoe at We would love to hear from you.