Tens of thousands of people cheer as the commitment is made. Warm accolades are given backstage, and on Facebook, the like and love buttons go into overdrive.

It’s a heady time for us to celebrate campaign victories, coming as they do after months or years of hard work by our partners, our staff, and by you, our dedicated Global Citizens.

We’re proud of all of that we’ve been a part of winning at Global Citizen, but we know that getting promises isn’t enough. We need to follow through, and ensure that the commitments that we help secure get delivered.

That’s why we’re excited to launch the first in a new and ongoing series of accountability reports, going back over every commitment and announcement that’s ever been made from our stage, or through our campaigning.

Going issue by issue, and starting with Global Goal 6 on water, sanitation and hygiene, we’re transparently reporting what’s happened already, what’s in progress, and what we’re going to do to make sure that the governments, businesses and charities who we’ve applauded follow through.

In this first report, we report back on progress from 25 announcements. We found we are more than one quarter of the way to impacting the 395 million lives set to be affected by 2030 through all 25 Global Citizen WASH commitments and announcements made since 2012. Four years on from our first WASH commitment, thanks in part to one hugely successful early commitment, we are currently just shy of reaching our goal of 395 million lives one year ahead of target, which makes for a very promising start. But there is still much to be done and lots that is far from assured.

In the coming months, we’ll publish reports on all of the campaign areas we work on until all 120 plus announcements we’ve been a part of are updated. And then, we’ll keep updating all these reports as we get new information, and as we secure new commitments.

And, we’ll be honest, sometimes this could get a little awkward. Despite best intentions, not every commitment will necessarily be on track, and sometimes we find out that not every commitment was made with the best of intentions.

That’s why we’re not just going to update on progress, but also use these reports as a tool to guide our campaigning priorities. Where commitments are off-track without good reason, we’ll be there to follow-up, and make sure that we make as much noise about accountability and delivery as we did for getting the commitment made in the first place. It’s not always sexy or exciting, but it’s vitally important to solving the world’s greatest challenges, and something that our movement is committed to.

So, join us in taking a look at who’s already finished, who’s on track, and who’s off-track in our first WASH Accountability Report here.

And as you do, we’ll be sharing the report not just with those who’ve made the commitments, but at a special function at World Water Week in Sweden, where we’re hosting an event bringing together leading experts on Global Goal 6, so the whole community knows that Global Citizens are serious about accountability.


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Here's How 25 Commitments on Water and Sanitation Have Played Out

By Simon Moss