Here’s a crazy fact: Demi Lovato is only 24 years old. And yet the Grammy-nominated music artist has spent a good amount of her life working to better the lives of others.

Lovato, who’s spoken out about her own struggles with eating disorders, self-harm, and her diagnosis of being bipolar, has largely supported efforts to improve mental health for others.

She runs a scholarship program to help people pay for mental illness treatments, helped launch a public health campaign, “Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health,” and supported an anti-bullying campaign. She also supports a Latino voter campaign and is a proud LGBT ally.

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And some of those efforts, lucky for us, have been with Global Citizen. An advocate for mental wellness, Lovato has worked with Global Citizen in a variety of ways, from taking the stage in Mumbai to supporting refugees.

(Side note: Lovato’s latest track “Sorry Not Sorry” dropped this morning. You can download it here).

Here are 5 ways Lovato is truly a Global Citizen.

1.) Global Citizen Festival 2016 in New York City.

Lovato was a headliner at Global Citizen’s 2016 festival in Central Park, where she performed for an audience of 60,000 people, including her hit “Confident.” Everyone attending the festival took a cumulative 1.3 million actions to get their ticket, and those actions led to 44 commitments by world leaders and corporations, which were set to touch the lives of 199 million people. 

2.) Global Citizen Festival India

Demi Lovato was one of just two US-based performers who joined us in Mumbai for Global Citizen Festival India in November 2016. Lovato belted a 20-minute set, including “Cool for Summer” and “Confident,” in 90+ degree temperatures to a crowd of 70,000 Indians. More than 500,000 Global Citizens took 2 million actions leading up to the festival that will affect 503 million lives. Political and corporate leaders made commitments that total $5.93 billion. Read more here.

3.) Advocating for Refugees’ Mental Health

This year, Lovato has been working more closely with Global Citizen to advocate for the importance of mental health for refugees. Last month, Lovato met with Muzoon Almellehan, who’s sometimes called “Syria’s Malala” because she’s speaks out about the importance of education for refugees.

“I just want to commend you for how brave you are and how you’re taking leadership in an issue that’s so important for society,” Lovato said to Almellehan. In a video released on YouTube, the two also spoke about the link between displacement, strength and resilience building and mental health.

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4.) Standing Up for Refugees at Global Citizen Festival Hamburg

Lovato joined Global Citizen in Hamburg last week for a festival ahead of the G20 Summit to stand up with Almellehan and Yazidi refugee Nadia Murad, to advocate for the mental wellbeing of refugees.

“Promoting mental health across the globe means ensuring trauma support and mental health treatment for refugees and displaced people to move forward and rebuild their lives,” Lovato said. “I will continue using my platform working with Global Citizen to raise awareness.”

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5.) Supporting Global Citizen Rewards

Lovato, along with Nick Jonas, shared tickets for 12 of their shows with Global Citizen fans during their tour last summer. Global Citizens could take action on a large number of issues, but one action in particular, supporting education for adolescent girls, saw 23,000 actions taken during the time of Lovato’s shows. More than 500 Global Citizens entered for a chance to win a spot at the concerts.


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5 Times Demi Lovato Has Shown She's a True Global Citizen

By Cassie Carothers