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How South Africa Taught Me About Real Happiness

By Divali Legore

Divali is a high school student from the state of Georgia, who is passionate about ending childhood hunger. As a 2018 Curtis Scholar, she traveled to South Africa to learn about solutions to food insecurity. This piece has been edited for clarity.

As a part of the Curtis Scholarship, I was granted the privilege to travel to South Africa on an advocacy trip and my experience allowed me to recognize the way small actions can help the world on a larger scale.

I’m now able to bring this positivity and optimism to every situation, and I believe that I can help undernourished children in my community after encountering the children of South Africa.

Divali chatting with a young girl at Africa Children’s Feeding Scheme. Photo Credit: Leanne Demery

During the trip, we visited the nonprofit the African Children’s Feeding Scheme, where donor funds are used to better the community. Proceeds go towards purchasing food, transportation costs, administrative expenses, nutritional education, health care, child care, and marketing skills. Food is prepared at one of 13 feeding centers nationally.

This experience taught me that we must work to eliminate poverty and food shortages worldwide.

It is common in South Africa to rejoice in Ubuntu, the Zulu term meaning “I am, because you are.” I connected this back to my hometown of Roswell, Georgia. Living in a city on the outskirts of Atlanta, I have seen the way poverty can take a toll on families and leave them with little to no help.

Divali and the 2018 Curtis Scholars visiting the community garden at African Children’s Feeding Scheme. Photo Credit: Makhuli Productions