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Could you make this choice every refugee has had to make?

What if a day came when you had to leave your home forever?

And what if you had only ten minutes to decide what to take with you?

What would you choose?

Maybe old photos or family heirlooms, a childhood toy or a meaningful book, inherited jewelry or your favorite collectible item? Food for the journey, reusable water bottles? Your family pet?

If you need help deciding what to take, over 12 million Syrians have had to make this very choice since the start of the Syrian refugee crisis, the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today, as this sobering video shows.

It’s difficult to know how to offer help as millions flee their homes for the sake of their lives. Since the start of the Syria refugee crisis, World Vision has helped more than 2 million children and adults in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and now Serbia. With your help, we are able to provide food, clean water, healthcare, and more to people who have left everything behind for their most basic need – safety.

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