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Could LEGO help transform the world of education?

Unfortunately, my childhood was deprived of LEGOs, but It’s ok- I became aware of their epicness later in life. A couple of years ago I held a very important job- teacher’s assistant to an afterschool program- and one of my key responsibilities was mandating which students were permitted the most coveted blocks, based on who had used them earlier in the week. Hard work to say the least.

Never the less, I learned some important things about LEGOs during this time. On good days I watched my students working together to create their dream fortresses. I witnessed their creativity and problem solving skills as they created structures I wouldn’t have been able to conjure up in a million years. And, most importantly, I saw how much fun they were having doing it. LEGOs are great.

Historically, LEGO has been a big supporter of global education; especially by working to create environments where students can learn hands on. 

For this reason, we would like to invite LEGO to be a part of this year’s Global Citizen Festival and to make a commitment around global education. We have been campaigning hard to support the Global Partnership for Education and think LEGO would be an ideal partner in making a financial commitment to the Global Partnership for Education. Unlike other organizations the Partnership is unique in that it is the only multilateral partnership devoted to getting all kids the education they deserve. Thanks to their holistic approach schools in need gain the capacity to sustain themselves.

We recently published a piece outlining the different countries that have donated to the Partnership, but securing financial commitments from the private sector is equally important. To ensure the Partnership can continue its important work we’re asking LEGO to step up. That’s where you come in. Take action by emailing LEGO today.


Christina Nuñez

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