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Together Let’s Take a Stand With Global Citizen

Prejudice and discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, and ability are among the root causes of global poverty.

But we know if we act together, we can make a difference. At Coty, we believe in a world free from prejudice and discrimination, where everyone is free to express themselves. 

So we’re working with Global Citizen — an advocacy organization dedicated to ending extreme poverty by 2030 — to help make that a reality.

Gender-discriminatory laws and cultural attitudes deprive girls of their right to education, systematically undervalue women, and make them vulnerable to abuse and violence. In order to build healthier, better-educated, and prosperous communities, girls and women must be treated equally. 

LGBTI people worldwide face discrimination in legislation, within their communities, and in the workplace. These laws and societal norms disadvantage many members of the LGBTI community for simply being themselves and unfairly limit their rights and opportunities. 

Often people with disabilities face inequalities and barriers which can limit their full social and economic potential. In some places stigma has led to disparity in access to basic needs, from education to health care.

Around the world, people are discriminated against because of their ethnic origins. They face limited opportunities and often violence as a result of these prejudices.

Together with Global Citizen, Coty is taking a stand against these forms of prejudice and discrimination on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable people. Only when people are treated as equals can individuals freely express themselves. 

And the first step in combating discrimination is awareness and understanding. On the Coty We Stand for You social action platform, you can learn more about how discrimination holds people around the world back and contributes to the persistence of extreme poverty.

But knowledge alone is just the first step. In order to help eliminate discrimination and poverty, we must take action.

By taking actions on this site, you will add your voice to a global movement for change. The actions are simple — you can send a tweet, sign a petition, write a letter to a policymaker, and more. These actions then influence those policymakers to make real change in the world — to increase funds or change laws to make them more equitable. 

And to say thank you for taking action, you’ll earn points that will give you a chance to win tickets to events around the world.

This model works — so far, more than 13 million actions taken on the Global Citizen platform have led to governments, organizations, and businesses making $35 billion in commitments that are set to affect the lives of 1.3 billion people globally.

As a Coty employee and a Global Citizen, you will be part of a movement committed to creating lasting social change.