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Congress to Call for 17.2% Cut to Foreign Aid in Its Proposed Budget: Report

AP Photo/Justin Lynch

All the way back in 1624, John Donne proclaimed that “No man is an island.” As globalization continues at rapid speeds, our interconnectedness couldn’t be more clear.

Global Citizens know that we all share a single planet. We have to work together. After all, what happens in Nigeria affects us just as much as what happens in Nebraska.

Back in May, the White House proposed that funding for international affairs be cut by 32%. Over the last month supporters across the country took 170,000 actions to ask their members of congress to reject these massive cuts to foreign aid.

This week, Politico leaked that the House of Representatives has proposed cutting international affairs by 17.2% in FY18. Congress set aside $57.3 billion for international affairs last year. The cuts that the House of Representatives are debating would decrease funding to just $47.5 billion next year.

On Thursday, members of the State and Foreign Operations & Related Programs subcommittee of Appropriations will meet to vote on these cuts. If these cuts are approved, millions of the most vulnerable people around the world will be impacted.

Lifesaving treatment to combat HIV/AIDS?

Efforts to fight famine in Somalia?

Getting girls into school?

Access to clean water?

If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking...

Setting a federal budget is always hard work, and funding is never unlimited. But, to anyone who thinks that disproportionate cuts to foreign aid will balance the budget…

Influential members of congress like Congresswoman Nita Lowey and Congressman Hal Rogers are fighting hard to protect funding for lifesaving foreign aid programs, but Global Citizens must step up to convince other members of congress to join them. Will you stand for the world’s poor today?