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Competition winner!! Regina Zoneziwoh

Zo is a winner of the humanitarian reporting competition! Read her story and be inspired. 

‘know herStory’ is a 3 to 6 month project that will narrate 15 personal and unique stories of grassroots women leaders involved in community mobilization, HIV/AIDs, peace building, social justice, and human rights advocacy. Their experiences and personal stories will be captured on tapes and in text, and be published and archived on and

The goal of this project is to highlight grassroots women leaders’ powerful stories of change as well as having it documented for future reference. This will show that grassroots women leaders continue to play an invaluable role in restoring peace and transforming the society for good. In Cameroon, discussions about women leadership in general have yet to gain local recognition. There has been even less talk about the women leaders on the grassroots level. Even among academicians, media professionals, politicians, and community elites, grassroots leadership is rarely mentioned and recognized as a strong support for national growth and development.

Therefore documenting women’s voices at this time in Cameroon, when digital culture is an emerging concept, is an opportunity to explore and communicate a strong message to both the political elites and local audiences that states humanitarian supports should also recognize grassroots women leadership.

In most of the country's history books, women's voices are lost. There isn’t any documentation on how women actually wield power. This is the opportunity of ‘know herStory’.'know herStory' is one of the first documentaries in Cameroon to feature women leaders as agents of change, particularly at the grassroots. The documentary provides insight on the realities and challenges grassroots women leaders continue to experience. In their own voices, they share powerful stories, struggles and experiences overcoming all forms of socio-cultural and political barriers, domestic torture, discrimination, stigmatization, and tribal violence.

‘know herStory’ is a very unique tale that will expose Cameroonian women to a wider audience, engaging the nation, community elites, policy makers and local and global development agencies in becoming more aware and informed about the invaluable role of grassroots women to lead changes in the Cameroon.

I have unique skills and in-depth knowledge of my country and community, especially on issues pertaining to grassroots women’s leadership.

As a citizen journalist and digital storyteller for over five years, I have effectively used my voice as a tool for social change. I have been raising awareness and bringing attention to grassroots leaders’ resistances, with specific focus on the women’s courageous and continuous struggle for improving their livelihood and their families, as well as building a better world for all.

I believe that my strong passion and commitment to bringing grassroots women’s voices to the spotlight, as well as sharing their challenges, hopes and social transformation which is often overlooked, makes me the right persons to tell this story. An award at this time in my life could make a world of difference not only for my own personal growth, but also for so many other women and men who will need my compassion and commitment to address and transform human suffering, and my determination to ensure that the future will be brighter for all.