In the wake of the recent devastation left by Hurricane Harvey, Coldplay sang an original song dedicated to the city of Houston during a concert in Miami this Monday.

The band was scheduled to perform the previous Friday in the Texas city, but had to cancel due to impending severe weather conditions.

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Chris Martin, the band’s lead singer and Global Citizen Festival Curator, let all of his fans know how much Coldplay hated to let down those who had planned on attending the show.

“We’re so grateful for all of the people who come to our shows. Cancelling shows is not something we like to do,” he said in a video of the performance posted to the band’s youtube page. “Sometimes you might think that as a popular band or whatever, we don't give a s*** about where we are but we really do because we understand that we wouldn't be here without you guys and girls.”

The song, called Houston #1, features classic country sounds in the spirit of South Texas, and a message of resiliency in the spirit of Coldplay’s past tribute shows.

“I’m dreamin’, of when I get back to Houston,” the lyrics croon. “Oh Houston, you’ve got to keep on keepin’ on.”

The emotion of the evening was palpable in the faces of the band and the fans who swayed to the music and recorded the special moment on their phones.

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Though Martin told the crowd that Coldplay would only play the song one time, the band intended for the energy of love and hope in the Miami arena could be sent to Texas that night.

Since making landfall on the Texas coast, Hurricane Harvey ripped through towns and countryside alike with high winds, almost 50 inches of rain, and immense flooding that has never before been seen in the region.

Experts predict that over 30,000 people will be displaced as inclement weather continues. So far, 9 people are reported dead.  

At a time when prayers and well-wishes are being welcomed, fans reacted warmly to the band's’ surprise. 

Despite the troubles the storm has provided, a reminder of Houston’s continuous strength came in song form.

“I know nothing’s gonna break the will of Houston,” Martin sang. “And we can’t wait to go back down there again."

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Coldplay Wrote and Performed This Song for Houston Hurricane Victims

By Andrew McMaster