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Beyoncé and Coldplay head to India in global anthem "Hymn For the Weekend”

Coldplay and Beyoncé have repeated their team up from the 2015 Global Citizen Festival and taken their combined powers to India in a new music video "Hymn for the Weekend."

This is not the first visit to India for Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. Back in July, he took a trip to India with Global Citizen to learn more about the programs and people his advocacy work was impacting. 

Now he has returned to India in this amazing new video. 

The video features rich aspects of India’s culture such as allusions to Holi aka the festival of love, where colored powder and dye is thrown into the air, people sing, and dance. Fun fact: this is where the "Color Run" idea was taken from.

The collaboration between 2015 Global Citizen Festival artists Coldplay and Beyoncé is everything you could hope for. The music combine with the streets of Mumbai, people old and young, and reveal a beautiful world that should inspire all global citizens to achieve our Global Goals and build a better world.

Plus, Beyoncé’s appearance throughout the video as a mysterious hennaed goddess is absolutely stunning. Another fun fact: the billboard featuring Beyoncé in the beginning of the video says, “Queen” in Hindi.

Next Sunday, Coldplay headlines this year’s Super Bowl halftime show with an appearance from Beyoncé. With these two international champions you can expect a global performance at the traditionally American event.

Thank you to both Coldplay and Beyoncé for releasing this on a Friday so we can watch this video all weekend, and dream of a world where the Global Goals are a reality for everyone.