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Water & Sanitation

Orlando Bloom Teams Up With Children to Flip Climate Change

Bottle flipping has taken the world by storm. It’s a simple sounding trick where any person can try to flip bottle of water and have it land top up. Now, the flip challenge is getting a new spin: saving the planet.

From 8-year-old Aïta on the shores of Lake Chad, to Orlando Bloom in a classroom in Niger – people around the world are sharing their bottle flip attempts to show they want to FLIP climate change.

Here’s how you can join:

1. Fill your water bottle from a local source.

2. Share your bottle flip attempt, along with the hashtag #FlipClimateChange.

3. Challenge your friends and colleagues to do the same, or share a fact about climate change.

Take Action: Let's Flip Climate Change Together

Everyone who shares a #FlipClimateChange video has the chance to be included in a global video that will be shown on a billboard in Time Square, New York City, on Earth Day, April 22.  

The reason behind the new campaign is to show the many children around the world who are affected by climate change, and who want to see action.

A new report from UNICEF, Thirsting for a Future, shows that in the coming years the demand for water is set to increase as food production grows, populations move, industries develop, and consumption increases. By 2040, around 600 million children will live in areas of extremely high water stress.

At the same time as water stress increases, climate change threatens to destroy or disrupt water and sanitation services. In times of drought or flood, in areas where the sea level has risen or ice and snow has unseasonably melted, children’s lives are at risk, as the quantity and quality of the water they drink is under threat.

Check out highlights and download the full report, Thirsting for a Future, here