Multinational technology company Cisco committed $225 million in cash and products to COVID-19 coronavirus relief measures in support of education, health care, and technology initiatives, the company reported on March 22nd.

The uptick in COVID-19 cases over the past few weeks, and subsequent preventative measures instituted by both local and national governments, has sparked significant responses by corporations and their employees. Part of Cisco’s financial commitment includes calling on its 77,000 employees around the world to donate  to those on the frontlines of coronavirus relief efforts. 

The Cisco Foundation will match up to $2 million in employee donations to more than 50 nonprofits responding to the crisis globally, for up to $4 million in total giving. 

Cisco also made a $2-million cash grant  to the World Health Organization’s (WHIO) COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, which is focused on patient care, medical supplies, and research and development for a coronavirus vaccine. Cisco has also empowered those on the front lines with access to its free Webex technology. 

While many of Global Citizen’s partners, like Cisco, are contributing to various COVID-19 relief measures, action can also come from the individual level. Global Citizen recently launched a new campaign that calls on individuals and leaders to contribute to the Solidarity Response Fund. You can take action here

The company also recently announced its support of a COVID-19 financial assistance program in Santa Clara County, California, where it is headquartered. The program will give vulnerable, low-income residents with a documented loss of income resulting from COVID-19 immediate financial assistance to help pay rent or meet other basic needs. More than $11 million in combined public and private funding was committed  to the program as of March 23.

You can read more about Cisco’s commitments to fighting COVID-19 here:


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Cisco Commits $225 Million to Help Fight the Coronavirus