In response to the EPA scrapping its climate page last week, the city of Chicago has uploaded all of the archived, detailed climate change content onto its own homepage.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel — former chief of staff for President Barack Obama’s first term in office — noted on the site that “while this information may not be readily available on the agency’s webpage right now, here in Chicago we know climate change is real and we will continue to take action to fight it.”

The page, which launched this past weekend, includes basic information and data about climate change. It also delves into climate impacts in the midwest — ranging from the effects it could have on human health and water resources to agriculture and ecosystems.

“The midwest has gotten warmer with average annual temperatures increasing over the last decade,” the site reads. Over the past century, Illinois’ winters have warmed by 1.8 degrees. And according to projections, it’s only getting warmer.

“The Trump administration can attempt to erase decades of work from scientists and federal employees on the reality of climate change,” Emanuel told Politico, “but burying your head in the sand doesn’t erase the problem.”

Since the beginning of President Trump’s term in office, his administration has revived the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipeline project, voided the Stream Protection Rule, and killed the Clean Power Plan. Along with Scott Pruitt, his appointed EPA Administrator who has repeatedly questioned global warming, Trump has also called for slashing the EPA’s budget in 2018.

And this week, the Trump administration is expected to reveal if it plans to stay part of the Paris Climate Agreement, which gives countries a framework for reducing their carbon emissions.

Meanwhile, since September 2008, the city of Chicago has taken on initiatives to combat climate change with its Chicago Climate Action Plan (CCAP). The plan outlines an adaption strategy that would reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by 25% below levels in 1990 by 2020. By 2050, the goal will be to lower emissions by 80% below 1990 levels.  

Using city resources, Emanuel has promised to continue to build out the site out in the coming weeks.

Taking action on climate change is the 13th Global Goal, a framework adapted by the UN to create sustainable development and eradicate extreme poverty by the year 2030.


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Chicago Now Hosts Deleted EPA Content on Its City Website

By Gabriella Canal