The World's Largest Lesson 2016 - with thanks to Sir Ken Robinson and Emma Watson from World's Largest Lesson on Vimeo.

As global citizens we have a mission to complete by 2030 and though it is no small task, people all around the world are working on eliminating extreme poverty, reducing inequalities and fighting the threat of climate change. These are the ambitions of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

The video above was created by Sir Ken Robinson, and features activist and women's rights champion Emma Watson.

It was produced by the World’s Largest Lesson in partnership with UNICEF to share the triumphs of young individuals in places like Turkey, India, Nigeria, the United States, Jordan, and Bali. The young people who are making these changes by inventing, innovating and campaigning are truly inspiring.

In Bali, two sisters felt deep concern about the plastic bags that were ending up in their oceans. They raised awareness and organized beach cleanups. Their actions grabbed the attention of their governor, and now the country has agreed to ban plastic bags in Bali by 2018. 

A young girl in Turkey invented a natural plastic made from banana skins to help reduce plastic waste. In the animated video, you can see her using creativity and problem solving skills to create a truly innovative product.

A young boy in India discovered how much water was wasted each time a toilet was flushed so he invented a “vacuum flush” that would save water.

These are just some examples of incredible inventions, innovations, and campaigns around the world that will help us collectively achieve the Global Goals. The video offers more details about these determined citizens who chose to care, get creative, and collaborate.

But there is more to be done and you can help inspire a new generation of Global Citizens committed to making the Global Goals a reality by 2030. To learn more, check out the World's Largest Lesson and use the materials to spread the word about the Global Goals to family members and friends younger than yourself. 


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Watch Emma Watson Explain the World's Largest Lesson of 2016

By Sydney Denmark