On Thursday, three words changed the future of the planet. And that’s not hyperbole. 

In his speech Thursday afternoon, US President Donald Trump told Americans, “We’re getting out” of the Paris Agreement, a breakthrough climate change accord that had the support of over 190 countries. 

Trump’s decision was roundly criticized by world leaders, US politicians, journalists, and a number of other celebrities and public figures. 

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Among them was Global Citizen Ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio, who in October of last year produced a documentary, “Before The Flood,” that considered the incredible global ramifications of man-made climate change. These include an irreversible feedback loop of ice melting in Greenland, massive loss of coral reefs, and the potential for catastrophic natural weather phenomena, leading to unprecedented droughts and storms. 

As soon as the news of Trump’s decision broke, DiCaprio was again on the front lines, encouraging concerned citizens to take action to slow climate change:   

Other celebrities and public figures joined in on the chorus, from Katy Perry to Mark Cuban.  

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Here’s how they reacted to this devastating news: 

Katy Perry: 

Chelsea Handler: 

Kal Penn: 

Ben Stiller: 

Bill Nye: 

Mark Cuban: 

Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Mark Ruffalo: 

Roy Wood Jr.: 

Don Cheadle: 


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By Phineas Rueckert