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Step aside for women - Canadian politician resigns for best reason ever

@HuffingtonPost via Twitter

Usually when a politician suddenly resigns it’s over scandalous endeavors such as hiring a prostitute, blowing government funds on cocaine, or crossing the line by illegally spying on foreign relations.

Not today!

Giving you one more reason to move to Canada, MPP Ted McMeekin resigned this week from his position as Ontario Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. His reason? To make room for a more gender-equal province Cabinet in Ontario.

Last year, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau captured the world’s heart and respect when he announced Canada would have a gender-equal Cabinet (#BecauseIts2015 forever).

Now, Canadian provinces are following suit – starting with the Ontario Liberal Cabinet.

MPP Ted McMeekin posted on Facebook  – you’ve got to love how social savvy and connected politicians are becoming – that he would be stepping down.

“My decision was focused by the Premier’s intention to achieve gender parity in her next Cabinet. I have three daughters, all confident and accomplished young women. With my wonderful wife, they are the joy of my life. Thinking of them, I’ve often dreamed of a day when the question of gender parity wouldn’t even arise, because it would just be taken for granted. Like our Prime Minister, I’ve never been afraid to call myself a feminist. In fact, I’ve always been proud of being an honourary member of the Women’s Caucus, and working for equality. But sometimes the best way for a man to advance the equality of women may be to step back and make room at the table. For me, this is such a time.”

His decision has been praised by many, including Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne.

"As we take steps towards gender parity in cabinet, selfless and bold action like Ted's is welcome," said Premier Kathleen Wynne encouraging Ted’s decision.

It is a harsh reality that only 22 percent of all national parliamentarians are female according the UN Women. However, this number has doubled (up from 11.3 percent) in the past decade, providing hope that progress is possible.

Making room for women in politics is not an easy task. It sometimes requires men to give up their privilege to let other people govern. Movements like #AllMalePanel can catalyze the world to bring gender equality to all human endeavors.

Thanks to men like MPP Ted Meekin, achieving gender equality just became one seat closer.