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Good hygiene is key to staying safe during a global health crisis like the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. To stay healthy and contain the spread of any virus or disease, it is important to practice social distancing and thoroughly wash your hands. Join us and take action on this issue here.

Canadian celebrities, including Ryan Reynolds, Shawn Mendes, Seth Rogen, Hayley Wickenheiser, and Michael Bublé, are taking to social media to encourage fans and followers to “plank” the COVID-19 curve as part of the #PlankTheCurve campaign.

Launched by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the #PlankTheCurve campaign aims to stop the spread of COVID-19 by urging fellow Canadians to stay at home, practice social distancing, and regularly wash their hands.

Trudeau announced the campaign in a video on Twitter on Monday. He called on others to help spread the word, as he nominated Reynolds and Bublé to join the campaign.

Several Canadian celebrities have since followed suit, posting videos of their own and nominating some of their fellow celebrities to participate in the challenge. 

"We need to work together to flatten the curve and fight off COVID-19," actor Ryan Reynolds said in his video. "We are going to get through this thing."

Nominated by Reynolds, Seth Rogen followed up with a video of his own, joking that he was filming in his bunker.

"Just don’t leave the house. There are worse things you could be asked to do," he said, nominating Lilly Singh, Jay Baruchel, and Global Citizen Champion Shawn Mendes.

Mendes responded, posting a video calling on his fans to stay inside and be kind, and then nominated Drake and Shania Twain. The country singer responded and nominated Celine Dion, Jim Carrey, and Avril Lavigne. As the campaign continues, audiences can likely expect more and more fun video content from their favourite Canadian celebrities.

The terminology "plank the curve" comes from Canada’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Theresa Tam, who says that flattening the COVID-19 curve is not enough.

"We don’t just need to flatten the curve, we need to plank it and we need everyone from government to communities, families, and individuals to work together," Tam told reporters on Thursday. 

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#PlankTheCurve: Canadian Celebs Post Videos to Urge People to Stay Inside and Fight COVID-19

By Catherine Caruso