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A Former Refugee Who Grew Up in Canada Just Scored a Record-Breaking Soccer Deal

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As news continues to pour in about the world’s current refugee crisis, one refugee story this week is a happy one.

Earlier this week, Vancouver Whitecaps’ Alphonso Davies was transferred to German soccer club Bayern Munich in a record-breaking deal that could result in more than USD $22 million.

But what makes Davies' story so extraordinary isn't just the vast sums of money he was traded for; it's because of his family's journey to Canada. 

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As Davies shared in an emotional address at the FIFA Congress in Russia this past June, his parents were forced to flee civil war in Liberia years ago, and he was actually born in a refugee camp in Ghana.

“It was a hard life,” Davies shared. “But when I was 5 years old, a country called Canada welcomed us in. And the boys on the football team made me feel at home,” he said.

Davies said he was a proud Canadian and that he dreams of competing in the World Cup.

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“I've played matches in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. The people of North America have always welcomed me. If given the opportunity, I know they'll welcome you,” he finished his speech.

Bob Lenarduzzi, Vancouver Whitecaps president, told the Canadian Press that he had goosebumps during Davies’ address.

“I think his speech transcended soccer,” he told CP. “He did it with such poise and enthusiasm and was wide-eyed by the end of it. And I was so proud of him and just delighted for his family that they could live the Canadian dream.”

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Davies’ future team, Bayern Munich, has won 28 German soccer titles and has been the winner of the UEFA Champions League five times, according to the Canadian Press.

“As a kid, I always dreamed of a moment like this,” Davies said in a statement. “Now that the dream has come true, the work continues as always. I have to keep pushing and keep striving, and also keep being me on the field.”