The UK and several other countries have already taken pledges to cut out coal power in the coming years, if they haven’t already eliminated its use completely.

Now, Canada is the latest to join the anti-coal movement.

The Canadian government announced Monday that it will phase out coal as a resource for power by 2030.

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"Our goal is to make Canada's electricity 90 percent non-emitting by 2030," said Canada's Environment Minister Catherine McKenna on Monday.

In Canada, coal production and power has already been slowly disappearing. However, there was no official end date in sight for getting off the coal bandwagon until this announcement.

Currently, four provinces still source power from coal: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Other regions in Canada are looking into their alternative natural resources and having success.

"British Columbia, Quebec and Manitoba have really significant hydro resources,” Joe Aldina, director for U.S. coal for PIRA Energy Group told Reuters. "I'd expect a mix of natural gas and renewables to benefit."

Canada primarily uses coal to produce steel and for energy production. In 2014, the country used 35 million tons of coal for energy production, down from 79 million tons in 1997. Slowly and steadily they have been relying less on coal for energy. With a deadline in mind, Canada is now on track to keep their promise in the Paris Agreement to curb fossil fuel emissions and keep warming temperatures below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

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Canada’s announcement comes after news of the UK going a record six days without using coal this summer, and China stalling construction on 15 new coal power plants in order to reduce coal power to 15 percent by 2020.

The global movement to reduce coal reliance and combat climate change is a stark contrast to President-Elect Donald Trump’s plan to boost coal production in the US.


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By Meghan Werft