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Calling all MPs: Make like a 90s boy band and don’t split

Why were a load of campaigners outside Parliament this morning dressed up as East 17? Urging MPs to ‘stay another day’ in Parliament and vote on the UK aid bill, obviously.

On Friday, we have a crucial and historic opportunity to enshrine the UK’s 0.7% aid commitment into law, and honour our promise to end extreme poverty.

British aid has helped 10.2 million children go to school, and our support for immunisation saves a child’s life every two minutes. British aid can and does save lives, and thanks to action and support from Global Citizens, we’ve managed to get the UK Aid Bill to its third reading in Parliament.

But we’re not done yet. We need to get 100 MPs to turn up and support the third reading of the Aid Bill so it can then be passed into the House of Lords before becoming law. We did it for the second reading, and we can do it again now.

Caroline, Mikey and Zoe from the Global Citizen Team, urging MPs to 'stay another day' and vote for the aid bill. 

We’ve been tweeting, emailing and calling our MPs asking them to turn up and save lives on Friday, and we’re so close. So today we went down and sang it.

Michael Moore, the MP responsible for the Aid Bill, joins in with the singing!

Michael Moore, the MP responsible for the Aid Bill, came out and thanked us and even sang with us. He said he couldn’t have got this far without our campaigning, but reminded us we still have a lot to do. We need to get 100 supportive MPs there on Friday, and we need to stop backbenchers from opposing the bill. This is going to take everything we’ve got, so if you haven’t yet, e-mail your MP now using the 'take action' button, or click here to tweet three MPs who haven't decided whether they're going to stay for the vote. 

Alternatively, you can always sing them a song…

Sing it with us now:


MPs if you’ve got to go away,

Don’t think we can pass the bill,

Won’t you stay another day.

Oh don’t leave it to chance like this,

It could be a fatal miss. Won’t you stay another day…