What better way to celebrate a nation’s comeback from the grips of a terrible disease than with a dance move that went viral? 

Remixing Afrobeat anthem ‘Azonto,’ Block Jones and Freetown Uncut have got Sierra Leoneans back on their feet to celebrate life as an ebola-free nation. Watch schoolchildren, health care workers, faith leaders and people all across the country dance away in this video that will definitely bring a smile to your face. 

And now that Guinea’s last known ebola patient has recovered, there’s even more reason to hope for an ebola-free world by 2016. 

Update November 24, 2015: Celebrations have been tempered with the latest victim of Ebola dying  in Liberia, as fresh cases emerged three months after the nation had been declared Ebola free. This re-emergence in Liberia does not take away from the incredible progress health workers across the region have made but it does refocus the world on the need to be vigilant and build responsive and resilient health systems that can serve this region and the world long term. The celebration in Sierra Leone should be inspiration for the region and the world. 


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Bye Bye Ebola: the happiest music video of the year

By Yosola Olorunshola