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Water & Sanitation

Buy a Lady a Drink and bring clean water to thousands of women in developing countries

Stella Balad Group

Beer giant Stella Artois partnered with to launch 'Buy A Lady A Drink,' a campaign to help raise awareness of the global water crisis last year and made a big splash for access to water in the developing world. This year, they have partnered up again to continue efforts to bring access to safe water to all. co-founder Matt Damon is supporting the initiative and urging all of us to get involved.

Around the world, women spend a combined 125 million hours collecting water every day for their families. That’s 125 million hours they could spend caring for their families, generating income and making other contributions to their communities.

To bring these stories to life, Stella Artois and created a series of short films focused on women from the communities where works.

unspecified-2.jpegImage: Talisman Photo

One story in particular caught our attention. It is the story of Guillermina, told in the incredible immersive 360 video film below. 

Guillermina Hernández used to walk to the river eight times a day to collect water in Honduras. Access to water significantly changed her life and that of her community, as you can see firsthand in the video above. 

Last year, Stella Artois donated $1.2 million USD to help change lives with safe water. Through the ‘Buy A Lady A Drink’ campaign, they helped provide more than 290,000 people in the developing world with 5 years of clean water. And in 2016, they continue to support to help more people gain access to water.

For every limited-edition Chalice sold, they can help provide 5 years of clean water for 1 person in the developing world. It seems it’s time to buy a lady a drink in the bar and around the world.