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Building long-term solutions for Liberia

150 of the world’s wealthiest people came together this summer and committed to form global partnerships to end extreme poverty. 

The Forbes 400 Philanthropy Summit, held in New York City, focused on the incredible examples of entrepreneurism in Liberia.  In 2006 Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became the first elected female head of state in Africa.  Addressing the likes of Bill Gates, Bono, and Warren Buffett, President Sirleaf highlighted the outstanding progress and growth that her country has experienced in the past few decades.  Forbes is committed to following through and forging partnerships with Liberia for the benefit of its development. 

The Global Poverty Project is proud to support Forbes.  Forbes has brought together the world's most successful entrepreneurs and Liberia's top social entrepreneurs to use their collective influence and problem-solving skills to create long-term solutions for Liberia.

We are calling on Global Citizens to join Forbes in sharing the story of three visionary and innovative Liberian companies.

1. Dr. Rajesh Panjabi, CEO of Last Mile Health

Last Mile Health was created to recruit and train villagers to serve as professional health workers.  Dr. Rajest Panjabi has created an innovative new health workforce that brings care to remote villages.  The company drives high performance through novel technology and information systems. 

2. Scott Gilmore, Founder and CEO of Building Markets

Building Markets champions local entrepreneurs and connects Liberians to new business opportunities.  The company has a proven track record of connecting local entrepreneurs to domestic, regional, and global supply chains.

3. Chid Liberty, CEO, Liberty & Justice.

Liberty & Justice is Africa’s leading Fair Trade Certified apparel manufacturing company.  Chid Liberty is committed to a future in which producers and consumers can join together in making economic choices that result in the eradication of poverty, the responsible stewardship of the environment, and the empowerment of works through the fair exchange of quality goods and services. 

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