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Building a world for all by 2030

By 2030, the humanity can build a world where people of all abilities have equal opportunities to thrive; a world where no one is left behind. But before looking ahead at this potential future, let’s look back.

In 2000, in what was the largest gathering of world leaders in history,a commitment to resolve poverty and its causes was made, and it was called the Millennium Development Goals.

And now, 15 years on, humanity lives in a world where global poverty has been halved; where 43 million more children of primary school age attend school; and where the number of undernourished people in developing regions has dropped by almost half. The achievements of collective global action have been immense. 

However, the Millennium Development Goals failed to include the world’s largest and most disadvantaged minority: people with disabilities. Globally, there are one billion people with disability, 80 percent of whom live in poverty. 

But today, on International Day of People with Disability, the world has cause to celebrate. People with disability are included in the new worldwide committment to truly end extreme poverty:  the Global Goals. 

At the core of the recently adopted 17 Global Goals is leaving no one behind.  And people with disability are specifically referenced in five  of the goals.

While that is certainly worth celebrating, everyone must remember that for the Global Goals to be truly achieved, people with disability – who make up 15 per cent of the population worldwide – must be included in, benefit from, and contribute to the success of all 17 goals. 

This International Day of People with Disability, let’s look forward and know that building an inclusive world is within humanity's grasp. Knowing that a world where people with disability can reach their full potential, is a better world for all. By 2030, we can truly build a world no one is left behind. 

This article was written in support of CBM Australia.