The Weather Channel has a message for climate change deniers: It’s real, and opinions don’t change fact.

In a sharply worded video, the TV channel took conservative site Breitbart, once helmed by Trump advisor Steve Bannon, to task for using Weather Channel footage in a video in an article claiming that climate change is not real.

Weather Channel meteorologist Kait Parker fired back at Breitbart for “cherry-picking” and “twisting” the facts to support the opinion that the planet is not warming.

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“Cherry-picking and twisting the facts will not change the future nor the fact, note fact, that the Earth is warming,” said Parker.

She goes to point out three different points that were incorrect in Breitbart’s video, and reminded everyone that “science doesn’t care” about your opinion.

The video Breitbart used is a 46-second clip explaining the cooling effects of La Niña — the weather pattern that follows warming patterns, drought, and severe flooding caused by El Niño — on the Pacific Ocean and nearby regions of land, Parker explained.

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Breitbart framed the video as a generalization for global land temperatures.

The Weather Channel pointed out this information was taken from one satellite estimate of global land temperatures which are not an accurate estimate of Earth’s temperatures, as Earth is 71% water.


Instead, Parker said you have to look at both land and sea temperatures for more accurate measurements of global temperature — which NASA, and NOAA have both found are rising steadily rising, even without the influence of El Niño on global surface temperatures.

The Breitbart article also said: “This is why there is such an ideological divide regarding climate change between those on the left and those on the right. The lefties get their climate information from unreliable fake news sites like Buzzfeed.”

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However, whether left or right, looks like the Weather Channel doesn’t support Breitbart’s use of their climate information. They weren’t too happy at House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology who tweeted the article either.

“Next time you’re thinking about publishing a cherry-picked article try consulting a scientist first, and to all my fellow scientists out there, let’s make the facts louder than the opinions,” said Parker.

Time for more scientists to sign this open letter to President-elect Trump. 


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Meteorologist Calls Out Breitbart on Twisting Climate Change Facts in Must-Watch Video

By Meghan Werft