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Bill Nye Enters the Shark Tank to Pitch an End to Poverty

“I’m Bill Nye, the science guy — but i’m also a facts guy,” is how Nye introduced himself on a mock episode of CNBC’s cut throat business competition show​.

“And the fact is, today, more than one in three people on earth live in extreme poverty. And 1 billion of them are children. But since 2012, 8 million Global Citizens have taken action to solve the world’s biggest challenge: ending extreme poverty.”

“Together with Global Citizens, we’ve leveraged billions of dollars that will impact over 650 million people. This is the idea i’m here to pitch. Working together, we can bring global poverty to a near zero level by the year 2030.”

While Nye’s pitch might not have been a real one for the TV show, the facts are true.

Shark Robert Herjavec pressed Nye: “What’s your business plan?”

A less-than-confident sounding Nye responds, “Free concert tickets?”

“Free? Free is a dirty word,” Herjavec responds. 

“But if the tickets are free, how are you going to make any money?” Shark Kevin O’Leary goes.

Not surprisingly it doesn’t go well for Bill in the Shark Tank after this. 

Watch the full video to see how it turns out, and more importantly, learn how you can help end extreme poverty by taking action with Global Citizen.

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