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Bill Nye Has a Sweet Way to Show That Gay Conversion Therapy Is Absurd

Bill Nye is known as the science guy for a reason.

In a new clip from his show, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” Nye relies on science and an adorable cartoon illustration to explain why the very idea of gay conversion therapy is just as ludicrous as a vanilla ice cream cone telling other flavors that they should pray to become vanilla, too.

It’s a smart analogy for a dangerous therapy in which gay individuals are urged to change and become straight, though there is no scientific evidence that this is possible.

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“I just think if you want to get right with the big ice cream in the sky, change your flavor by wishing to be vanilla,” the bossy cone says. “Everyone should try to be vanilla until they have no longer have the urge to not be vanilla.”

The other cones, including the brainy salted caramel, the nervous strawberry, the curious chocolates and the innocent pistachio aren’t quite ready to go along with Vanilla’s plan.

“I did not ask to be pistachio,” the cone says, “I just am pistachio.”

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And because Nye isn’t just a scientist — he’s also a pretty good entertainer — the story has a twist ending in which the bossy vanilla cone, who is sure he right about which flavors appeal to the “big ice cream in the sky,” learns a bit more about what it means to have many different flavors of ice cream in the bowl.

"Come on Vanilla," Mint Chocolate-Chip says. "Nobody wants just one kind of ice cream."

And nobody wants just one kind of person in the world either. Ice cream — and humanity — is definitely way better of with many flavors to choose from.