Bill 62 on religious neutrality was passed today in Quebec's National Assembly, making it illegal for anyone to wear face coverings while receiving public services — including taking a bus.

On top of those receiving a government service, the legislation also bans public workers like doctors, nurses, teachers and daycare workers from wearing any face covering, including the niqab or a burka.

The bill passed with a vote of 66-51.

Naturally, people have *thoughts* on Bill 62.

This woman just wants to stay dry.

This person accurately described how the other provinces likely feel.

And this person asked the right question.

Montreal's mayoral candidate made her view clear.

And this woman reminded the province that it gets real cold. 

This woman told everyone to stand up for those that need help.  

This mama spoke the truth.

This person pointed out the irony of today's decision. 

This man drew a compelling comparison.

And lastly, this person reminded us all that beards cover faces too.

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10 Delightful Reactions to Quebec’s Bill Banning People From Wearing Face Coverings on Buses

By Jackie Marchildon