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Welcome to the Global Citizen fam, Sir Carter and Rumi Carter.

This morning, Beyoncé posted the first photo of her and Jay-Z’s newborn twins to Instagram, announcing their names for the first time exactly one month after the pair were born. 

The Instagram photo showed Beyoncé draped in a vibrant pink and purple robe holding the newly born boy and girl.

Already, 8 million people have expressed their joy in welcoming Sir Carter and Rumi Carter into the world by liking the post, breaking Instagram records.  

The dynamic Carter couple first took the Global Citizen stage in Central Park in 2014 when Beyoncé surprised the audience by joining Jay-Z for a duet performance that included Beyoncé taking over the part of Justin Timberlake in Jay-Z’s song, “Holy Grail.”  

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Beyoncé then returned to the stage in 2015 to headline the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park with Ed Sheeran, Pearl Jam, and Coldplay. Her performance was followed by an appearance by former first lady Michelle Obama, who announced her #62MillionGirls campaign to provide education to girls around the world.

“I am honored to follow a woman, whom I admire and adore, someone who believes as passionately as I do in the boundless promise of girls worldwide,” Michelle Obama said onstage. 

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In 2016, Jay-Z joined Global Citizen in Mumbai with Coldplay, where buzz around their performances led to millions of actions from Global Citizens that resulted in $5.93 billion in commitments to reach 503 million people

And earlier this month, Global Citizen partnered with Beyoncé and her foundation BeyGood to announce #BeyGood4Burundi, a campaign that aims to bring clean water to more than half a million people in Burundi.

Each time Beyoncé and Jay-Z take the stage or make an announcement with Global Citizen, the amplification from their message results in action from global citizens and world leaders. 

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And with that, we welcome Sir Carter and Rumi Carter into a world where they will have the chance to know a world where extreme poverty doesn’t exist— perhaps before their 18th birthdays. 


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Beyoncé and Jay-Z Welcome Two New Global Citizens Into World

By Meghan Werft