The Legatum Prosperity Index, an annual ranking by the investment firm Legatum in the UAE, measures all the different ways a country creates prosperity for its citizens. One of these factors is health. This goes beyond measuring a country’s healthiest citizens in terms of physical and mental health, and looks at a country’s healthcare initiatives such as preventative care and infrastructure. 

In 2016, Luxembourg, Singapore, and Switzerland top the list of healthiest countries while Germany comes in at No. 10. Considering more than 1.1 million refugees were accepted by Germany in 2015, this highlights the strong system the country has been able to extend to all. 

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Surprisingly, Hong Kong is ranked 98th for environmental matters, yet has held seventh place for health for the past three years. Movements to combat air pollution and clean up the natural environment could help boost the country’s ranking higher up the chain. 

Chad, Central African Republic, Guinea, Liberia, and Benin are some of the countries with the poorest health among citizens and infrastructure in the world.

10 Healthiest Countries in 2016  

1. Luxembourg

2. Singapore

3. Switzerland 

4. Japan  

5. Netherlands

6. Sweden

7. Hong Kong

8. Australia 

9. Israel 

10. Germany 

10 Least Healthy Countries in 2016

1. Chad

2. Central African Republic 

3. Guinea

4. Liberia 

5. Benin 

6. Mozambique 

7. Ivory Coast 

8. Nigeria

9. Togo 

10. Uganda  

These rankings provide an encouraging guide to which regions of the world need assistance with improving healthcare infrastructure if the world is to reach the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. 


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The 10 Most & Least Healthy Countries In The World In 2016

By Meghan Werft