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Bano Fatima, Weaver’s Hut, South Delhi, India

Bano lives in a small rural community where social stigma and economic exploitation are commonplace. She founded a small-scale enterprise, Weaver’s Hut, to help a small community of fabric weavers overcome societal obstacles by teaching them life skills and providing a forum to sell their products.

Bano had the vision, but needed technical and communications skills to make Weaver’s Hut a success. Through HP LIFE, Bano learned how to use technology to set up and manage accounts, track expenses, and make more impactful presentations that give her a competitive edge.

Bano envisions growing Weaver’s Hut to include additional small weaver communities, achieving economic success while driving social change. 

Bano is one of five Global South entrepreneurs that was nominated for an HP LIFE entrepreneurship award in 2013. Please view the other four entrepreneur stories featured at By sharing these inspiring stories with others, you can earn 2 Global Citizen points.

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