As the G20 group of major economies — representing  85% of the world's gross domestic product and 80% of global trade — prepare to meet in Hamburg, Germany in July, hundreds of thousands of Global Citizens around the world are demanding that they deliver.

That’s why Global Citizen is calling on the G20 countries, starting with Germany, to outline their concrete commitments to deliver these goals, especially on refugees, education, health and development assistance.

Since Global Citizen began our G20 campaigning, over 400,000 actions have been taken, including almost 150,000 actions in Germany.

We are incredibly excited to receive and share with you this video message from German Chancellor Angela Merkel ahead of the Global Citizen Festival Hamburg, and the hundreds of thousands actions that have already been taken by citizens across Germany and around the world.

This video comes after thousands of Global Citizens called on the Chancellory asking for Mrs. Merkel’s support. In the message, Chancellor Merkel thanks Global Citizens for their actions and engagement, and notes that it is "only together that we will be able to overcome the major challenges of our times."

Join us and take action now to create a world where no one is left behind.


Demand Equity

Chancellor Angela Merkel's Message for Global Citizens

By Aileen Elsner