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Water & Sanitation

Amina Mohammed takes on global water challenges

Wikimedia: World Economic Forum

Amina J. Mohammed, a leader in the creation of the Global Goals, is taking her talents to a major water and sanitation organization.

The former Assistant-Secretary General and Special Advisor to the Secretary General on Post-2015 Development Planning (translation: The UN’s point person on the Global Goals) is now the Chair of the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC).

The WSSCC is one of the world’s leading organizations on water and sanitation. WSSCC Executive Director, Christopher W. Williams welcomed Ms. Mohammed saying, “The issues of sanitation and hygiene are crucial to improving health and development. In the post-2015 era, we need strong global leadership to deepen our efforts, and bold ambition to advance a transformative agenda. I am confident that Ms. Mohammed will be instrumental in helping WSSCC translate global goals into local action, ensuring governments enable communities and that organizations bring about meaningful change at scale.”

Amina Mohammed.png

Ms. Mohammed is currently the Environment Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. She believes the “WSSCC embodies the transformative spirit of the Sustainable Development Goals, promoting WASH at the national level as a strategic entry point for attaining multiple targets.” She adds, she is “proud to Chair an organization that understands that equality and universality must go hand-in-hand towards achieving a sustainable development agenda.”

Ms. Mohammed is a longtime friend of Global Citizen, has spoken at the Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day, worked with the organization on launching the Global Goals and appeared at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival.

Here she is at Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day event:

Ms. Mohammed’s leadership will be a great addition to the important work the WSSCC is undertaking to improve water and sanitation for the 700 million people who still defecate in the open and the more than 1 billion people still in need of access to improved water sources.

It’s a big task, but this pairing is a good next step for all of humanity.