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"We don't want hunger, we are life. We don't want weapons, we are peace. We don't want hate, we are love," sings Yalitza Aparício in the new release "América Vibra.” 

Kicking off 2021 with a powerful song and a call for a more hopeful year, Brazilian band Natiruts invited Ziggy Marley — one of the biggest names in the reggae world — and Oscar-nominated Mexican actress Yalitza Aparício to collaborate on “América Vibra”.

“Vibra” has many meanings in English, all of which carry a suggestion of energy and transformation — from vibrates to survives, and rocks to resonates. 

As well as a reggae anthem, the song is a manifesto for the union of the people of the Americas, calling for a more just and loving world. 

At a time of duality and walls, both physical and structural, that separate the nations, “América Vibra” is an urgent demand for the breaking down of barriers. 

You can listen to the song now here.

The tune was released on Jan. 20, 2021, a symbolic day that marked an important change for the world — with the inauguration of new US President Joe Biden — and it carries a longing for a more egalitarian continent. 

The lyrics were written by Alexandre Carlo and Ziggy Marley, and the song is performed in three languages: Portuguese, English, and Spanish. 

It’s a collaboration between an award-winning team including: mastering by Felipe Tichauer, with 26 Latin Grammy and American Grammy nominations to his name; and mixing by Tony Maserati, one of the most prolific sound engineers in the world, who has worked with artists such as Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, and Adam Lambert, among others, and has 10 Grammy nominations. 

The single also features a stunning cover design, developed by Kobra — one of today’s most recognized muralists. 

Directed by Rick Brombal, the music video is a compelling display of iconic images of the Americas — across Brazil, Mexico, and the US — taken over by nature and brought to life. 

Natiruts singer Alexandre Carlo explained the inspiration that led the band to create the song and appeal for greater justice in the Americas. 

“There are invisible walls in society, created mainly by the past experience of human relationships, that are still reflected in our lives today,” he said. “In the case of Brazil, especially, the main thing that has caused these invisible walls is the colonization process, which favored one part of society, but greatly disadvantaged others.” 

He also highlighted the important role of music in the healing process. 

“Music is a very important tool, because it changes the power and the energy of people,” he continued. “It helps people who have no hope come to believe in their potential.” 

“Music becomes very important in this sense, to overcome these invisible walls, and that is what our song works to do,” he added. “We hope it can captivate the hearts and minds of many people, not just in Brazil, not just in the Americas, but all over the world.” 

Marley, highlighting that it was a “great pleasure” to collaborate on the song, added: “My lyrics speak of understanding what is happening to the environment, and wanting to see more justice in the world.” 

“If we don’t do something, nothing is going to happen, so we have to do it,” he added. “I have to do something, you have to do something. That’s what we’re talking about. If the future isn’t right, I will work to help make it right. We can’t wait for somebody else to do it for us, we have to go and do it.” 

“We have to take care of the planet, and take care of each other to build a better world together,” he said. “América Vibra!”

Aparicio, too, highlighted the importance of the song “to show that in music, there are no barriers.” 

“It is a universal medium in which you can share messages of peace, and that unity makes us stronger in the face of adversity,” she said. “When there is respect between people, you can see a real transformation.” 

When Sony invited her to join the project, Aparicio continued, she couldn’t believe that she had the chance to be part of it — but added: “I have always taken the challenges that come my way, and even more so when it carries such a strong and hopeful message.” 

Next, the song will be part of a global release with as-yet-unreleased tracks from Natiruts, that will be available on all digital platforms. 

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"América Vibra": Natiruts, Ziggy Marley, Yalitza Aparício Are Uniting the Americas With New Song