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One in 10 children worldwide goes through life without an education. Good Morning America’s “Why it Matters” campaign urges Americans to vote for leaders and politicians who will invest in making the education system better through policy and funding. You can join us in taking action on this issue here

Like many mothers in the US, Alyssa Milano is worried about the education system. Now she’s empowering Americans to help her fix it.

The actress, credited for re-launching the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment founded by Tarana Burke, shared her concerns in Good Morning America’s election season video series “Why It Matters.”

Take Action: Sign the petition and call US leaders asking them to support a funding increase for education in 2018. 

"For our children of this country, we need to really figure out what our education system looks like. Right now it is such a mess,” Milano said in the video released Monday.

Could the teacher shortage, the $1.3 trillion Americans owe in high education student loan debt, and low academic achievement ranking compared to other advanced industrial countries, be the “mess” she’s referring to? 

That’s all part of it. But Milano is especially concerned with how low-income students miss out on education. 

“I don't believe that white, privileged people should have access to a better education than lower income communities, or communities of color,” she said.

Students from 16 to 24 years old from low-income families are seven times more likely to drop out of school than their more well-off peers, according to the US Department of Education. 

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“So what we have to do is really look to even out that playing field and elect policy makers and legislators that are actually going to understand that and not be afraid to fight for it,” she urged voters. 

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"Everything affects future generations: the environment, health care, being able to get a good job after college, not having crazy amounts of debt after college — all those things are super important, especially to young people," Milano said about the many ways education affects a child’s life down the line. 

"Voting is how we protect our neighbors, our loved ones, our family members, our mothers, our fathers, our cousins,” she reminded viewers. “Voting is how we ensure that everyone is accepted and has opportunity." 


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Alyssa Milano Believes Voting Is the Secret to Fixing the US Education System

By Leah Rodriguez